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520nm green laser diode modules

about the Optoelectronics Company

The Optoelectronics Company is a UK based company renowned throughout the optoelectronics industry for in-depth knowledge and experience of advanced technology design and manufacture in the global optoelectronics market.

The Optoelectronics Company is expert in the OEM design and manufacture of innovative custom-designed and standard laser diode modules and laser diode collimators. We specialise in laser diode modules at lasing wavelengths ranging from 520nm to 852nm and output powers from 0.9mW to 75mW for a wide range of applications requiring high performance and reliability.

Our experienced engineers can offer you advice on the design and use of our products in your application or develop a customised solution for your particular requirements, whether your project requires optical design or opto-mechanical manufacturing and assembly.

Laser diode modules at custom lasing wavelengths (from 405nm to 852nm) and power options are available to order, designed to your specifications. Both standard and custom configurations provide OEMs, end-users and systems integrators with complete cost-effective laser solutions.

The Optoelectronics Company is also a leading supplier of high performance optoelectronic components including Ushio industrial laser diodes, Ushio LEDs, Osram green and blue laser diodes and Panasonic lenses to industrial, medical, entertainment and defence customers with high technology requirements throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

our key capabilities include

  • Custom optical design
  • Custom designed housings
  • Optical and electro-mechanical design
  • Rapid initial concept to prototype design and manufacture

our expertise includes

  • Manufacturing in-house to specific tolerances
  • Custom optoelectronic design
  • Optical testing
  • Component integration
  • Thorough product testing with test reports
  • Proven track record of manufacturing quality customised OEM laser solutions


the Optoelectronics Company Ltd


Green End Farm, Wood End Green,
Henham, Bishops Stortford,
CM22 6AY
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1279 851851
Email: sales@oe-company.com
URL: www.oe-company.com

registered office:

12 Mulberry Green, Old Harlow, Essex, CM17 0ET
Registered in England and Wales
Registration Number 6751616
VAT Registration Number 946166990


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