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Osram blue violet laser diodes

Osram high power blue laser diodes (450-488nm)

Outstanding optical power in a compact package

Mounted in a compact package, these blue laser diodes are particularly suitable as a light source for high-quality professional projectors.

High efficiency and long lifetime

Thanks to their efficiency, the temperature increase of these lasers during operation is minimised. A long lifetime and high reliability at continuous operation is guaranteed.


Laser Projection, Show Lasers, BioMedical, Biotechnology, Spectroscopy, Metrology, Illumination

Osram blue laser diodes : major characteristics (at Tcase 25 °C)

Part No. PLPT9-450C_E PL 450B PLT5 450B PLT5 488
Output Power (mW) 3W 80 80 60
Emission Wavelength (nm) 450 450 450 488
Operating Temperature (° C) 0 to +85 -40 to +70 -40 to +70 -40 to +60
Typical Threshold Current (mA) 27 17 17 25
Typical Operating Voltage (V) 5.5 5.2 5.2 6.0
Package Type TO90 TO38icut TO56 TO56*

*: with integrated photo diode