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Osram direct green laser diodes

Osram direct emission green laser diodes (510 - 530nm)

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has introduced InGaN-based direct emission green laser diodes, wavelengths from 510-530 nm, for pico projection and other RGB or green-laser applications. Mounted in a tiny TO38icut or TO56 package with integrated photodiode, they combine an unbeatable form factor with excellent beam quality which makes them particularly suitable as light sources for projectors and showlasers as well as point and line lasers.

Direct emission green laser diodes are an important step toward powerful embedded projectors and signal the end of the laborious method of producing green light by doubling the frequency of infrared lasers.

Using Osram visible InGaN laser diodes PDF



The PLT3 520D laser diode can deliver 140mW pulses at 520nm with 8% efficiency, driven at 300mA at 50% duty cycle – OSRAM's previous limit was 80mW with the PL 520B. This new diode has been developed to work in MEMS-based scanners.

More info: PLT3 520D


Line and dot lasers

Green light is perceived more easily by the eye than red light; therefore, for the same laser output and, crucially, the same laser safety class, green laser diodes have the advantage as point or line lasers, especially outdoors. This means that distance meters can be used with better safety over greater distances.


High beam quality enables extremely fine structures to be displayed at a considerable distance. Projectors also benefit from the high thermal stability and small size of the lasers.

Other applications

Medical applications, Biotechnology, Spectroscopy


Osram direct emission green laser diodes : major characteristics (at Tcase 25 °C)

Part No. PDF
Typ. (° C)
Typ. (mA)
PLT5 522FA_P OSRAM PLT5 522FA_P laser diode PDF 50 514 -20 to +60 60 8 x 22 TO56
PLT5 510 OSRAM PLT5 510 laser diode PDF 10 515 -20 to +60 60 7 x 22 TO56*
PLT5 520EA_P OSRAM OSRAM PLT5 520EA_P laser diode PDF 20 520 -20 to +60 65 7 x 22 TO38
PLT5 522EA_P OSRAM OSRAM PLT5 522EA_P laser diode PDF 20 520 -20 to +60 65 7 x 22 TO56*
PLT5 522EA_Q OSRAM OSRAM PLT5 522EA_Q laser diode PDF 20 520 -20 to +70 65 7.5 x 22 TO56*
PL 520 OSRAM PL 520 laser diode PDF 50 520 -20 to +60 100 7 x 22 TO38*
PLT5 520 OSRAM PLT5 520 laser diode PDF 50 520 -20 to +60 125 7 x 22 TO56*
PLT5 520B OSRAM PLT5 520B laser diode PDF 110 520 -20 to +60 225 7 x 23 TO56*
PLT3 520D OSRAM PLT3 520D laser diode PDF 100 520 -20 to +60 225 7 x 23 TO38

* with integrated photo diode