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laser diode collimators

the Optoelectronics Company launches new range of laser diode collimators

a smaller, more affordable laser source for oems and system integrators

PRESS RELEASE : March 2013

The Optoelectronics Company, a leading global supplier and manufacturer of innovative optoelectronic components including Ushio laser diodes and Panasonic lenses, has introduced a range of tiny laser diode collimators with high alignment accuracy specifically aimed at OEMs and system integrators using laser based technology in their products.

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what are laser diode collimators?

Laser diode collimators are used to collimate the highly divergent beam that is emitted by a laser diode. They consist of a laser diode, a laser diode holder, a collimating lens holder and a high numerical aperture (NA) collimating lens. By adjusting the distance between the laser diode and the collimating lens, the factory-fixed beam can be set for a collimated or focused output to meet customer requirements.

no drive electronics

The laser diode collimators from the Optoelectronics Company measure only 6mm in diameter and 8mm in length. "Collimated laser diodes have no drive electronics, resulting in a smaller and more affordable laser source for OEMs and system integrators who have separate or remote drive electronics and just need a laser device that can be designed into a tight space", explained Tony Pope, M.D., the Optoelectronics Company Ltd.

collimated or focussed output beam

They are available in standard lasing wavelengths from 635nm to 852nm with standard output powers from 0.9mW to 75mW although customised versions can be manufactured to order. They have an elliptical output beam with a collimated diameter of only 2.5 x 2mm which is bore-sighted for greater precision. The output beam can be collimated or focused as necessary.

simple, small and economical

The Optoelectronics Company's collimated laser diodes offer power and superior beam quality with divergence angles as low as 0.6mrad. They provide an ideal beam source for system integration and offer the simplest, easiest and most economical way to deliver laser light to a variety of OEM applications including industrial and automotive alignment, medical alignment, positioning and sensing, machine vision, industrial instrumentation and targeting.

customised laser diode collimators made to order

Custom lasing wavelengths and power options are available. Both standard and custom configurations provide OEMs, end-users and systems integrators with complete, cost-effective laser solutions.

About The Optoelectronics Company Ltd

The Optoelectronics Company is a manufacturer of custom-designed and standard laser diode modules and laser diode collimators. It is also an authorised distributor and supplier of Ushio Laser Diodes and LEDs, OSRAM laser diodes and Panasonic Aspherical Glass Lenses to customers worldwide.

contact details

For more information about the Optoelectronics Company please visit our website at www.oe-company.com or contact us at: Green End Farm, Wood End Green, Henham, Hertfordshire, CM22 6AY, UK, tel: +44 (0) 1279 851851, email: info@oe-company.com.


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