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Osram PLT3 520D green laser outputs 140mW for smartphone projectors.

Green lasers for projector applications need outstanding beam characteristics and a high optical performance in order to deliver sharp and bright images. Although a projector also needs red and blue lasers, the crucial colour in RGB solutions is green – the colour that poses the greatest challenges in production.

The PLT3 520D continues Osram's success story with green lasers. At 140 mW it achieves an unprecedented high pulse output for direct green laser diodes. In addition, the efficiency of the laser has been increased to a typical value of 8%.Thanks to these improvements, it is now possible to turn a smartphone into a small cinema projector - the small display of the device can be enlarged several times over. It has been specially developed for laser projection applications that use a MEMS scanner as the image encoder

unprecedented performance for a 520nm green laser

Green light has a special importance in RGB applications because the human eye is most sensitive in the green spectral range. The brighter the green laser shines on a surface, the brighter and stronger the projected image appears to the viewer. With its PLT3 520D now offering 140 mW at 300 mA in pulsed mode (50% duty cycle), Osram has achieved unprecedented performance for a green single-mode laser. Up till the present, the maximum output power limit for these components was 80 mW.

A further advantage of the PLT3 520D diode is its compact and space-saving TO38 metal housing with a diameter of only 3.8 mm.
With 140 mW at 300 mA in pulsed mode this tiny single-mode laser diode has achieved unprecedented performance for a 520nm green laser.

Download specifications - https://www.oe-company.com/lasers/osram-green-laser-diodes.html


Osram laser diode product range

The Osram laser diode product range includes green and blue laser diodes packaged in extremely compact, 3.8mm diameter TO cans. The diodes feature low beam divergence, long lifetime and excellent stability across a broad temperature range.

Osram green and blue laser diodes are available from the Optoelectronics Company Ltd./p>


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