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Ushio HL63653TG red laser diode


Ushio smashes 640nm laser diode output power record with HL63653TG

Ushio Inc. has launched a record-breaking red laser diode, HL63653TG, for compact projectors, levellers and laser modules. The new 200mW laser diode delivers the world’s highest output power for the 640nm wavelength class from a tiny 3.8mm package.

The demand for small projectors, such as pico projectors and other types of portable projectors, is growing thanks to the increasing demand for small, mobile electronic devices. Both LEDs and laser diodes are suitable options as the light source in these tiny projectors. However, laser-based pico projectors have advantages over LED-driven devices such as higher luminance and a wider colour gamut. Also, due to the lack of light dispersion, laser projectors are focus-free.

Currently, Ushio’s laser diodes offer the highest output power, smallest packages and performance features,such as high reliability and high power conversion efficiency *1. Furthermore, Ushio’s laser diode engineers have been able to concentrate on creating a product that facilitates further downsizing, weight reduction and lowering the power consumption of small, often battery-powered, projectors. With this background, Ushio developed and commercialised the HL63653TG, which achieves 200mW optical output at a wavelength of 640nm, while maintaining the tiny 3.8 mm package.

*1 conversion efficiency from input power to optical output power

Features of HL63653TG 640nm laser diode

(Operating temperature Tc=25°C)

  • Increased optical output power: from 120mW to 200mW (Tc = 25°C)
  • Increased efficiency: 6-point improvement in power conversion efficiency (26% to 32%), contributing to lower power consumption
  • High-temperature operational optical output power: 90mW increased to 120mW (Tc = 60°C)
  • High-beam quality: Aspect ratio improved by 21%, contributing to improved efficiency of beam intake into the optical system


Ushio HL63653TG red laser diode

Technical specifications of HL63653TG 640nm laser diode

  • Optical output power:
    • 200 mW (25°C)
    • 120 mW (60°C)
  • Lasing wavelength: 640nm
  • Wall plug efficiency*1: 32 %
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 60°C
  • Transverse Mode: Single
  • Oscillation mode: TE mode oscillation
  • Package: 3.8 mm CAN Package
*1 conversion efficiency from input power to optical output power.

Applications for HL63653TG 640 nm laser diode

  • Small projectors
  • Laser modules
  • Levellers

download HL63653TG datasheet >

Ushio laser diodes

Ushio laser diodes offer high output power and high efficiency, enabling increases in projector brightness as well as cost reductions for projector light sources. They additionally contribute to the simplification of the cooling system by reducing overall power consumption.

All Ushio high performance laser diodes are available from the Optoelectronics Company. Please contact the Optoelectronics Company to request samples for testing.



Ushio’s laser diode collection offers wavelengths across UV (375–405 nm), red (630–690 nm), and NIR (705–852 nm), with prospective optical output powers from 5 mW to 3,500 mW. Our LD collection has low and high power lasers, with low-operating currents, long lifespans, and efficiency, all while remaining 100% RoHS-compliant.

Ushio’s Epitex division has grown into the largest collection of light emitting diodes on the market. Covering all violet, visible, and infrared wavelengths, from 365 nanometres (nm) to 1,750 nm, this vast catalogue creates a one-stop-shop for single and multi-wavelength LEDs.

https://www.ushio.eu/ , https://swir-led.com/

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