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HL65261MG high-efficiency laser diodes for distance measurement sensing

Ushio HL65261MG series: High-efficiency laser diodes for sensing applications

Ushio, Inc. has introduced a series of visible wavelength laser diodes, HL65261MG / 62MG / 64MG, which offer high-efficiency and a low operating current, perfect for sensing applications such as laser distance sensors and Time of Flight (ToF) distance sensors.

There is growing market demand for improved laser diode efficiency and lower operating current to create more efficient measurement devices. For ToF sensor applications in particular a high pulse light output is required to support extremely accurate, long-distance sensing.

In response Ushio has reviewed the chip structure of its existing 660nm laser diodes such as the HL6501MG 658nm 30mW laser diode. By improving their output efficiency and significantly reducing the reactive current, Ushio has improved the wall plug efficiency by 22% and reduced the operating current by 35%. The result is the HL65261MG series 658nm 85mW AlGaInP laser diodes.

The HL65261MG / 62MG / 64MG series of laser diodes is the recommended and much improved replacement for HL6501MG laser diodes.

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Ushio HL65261MG series laser diode specifications

Features of HL65261MG series red laser diodes

  • Lasing wavelength: 658nm typ.
  • Optical output power: 85mW (CW), 300mW (pulsed – pulse width: 10ns, duty: 10%)
  • Operating temperature: -10° to +60° C (CW); -10° to +75° C (pulsed)
  • Low operating current: 90mA Typ. (80mW (CW)) 245mA Typ. (300mW (Pulse))
  • Wall-plug efficiency*: 33%
  • Single transverse mode
  • TE mode oscillation
  • 5.6 mm CAN package
  • MTTF >10,000 hours

Applications of HL65261MG / HL65262MG / HL65264MG

  • Sensor applications e.g.
    • ToF sensor (distance sensor)
    • Photo-electronic sensor
    • LiDAR
    • Light source of optical equipment


Ushio laser diodes

All Ushio high performance laser diodes are available from the Optoelectronics Company. Please contact the Optoelectronics Company to request samples for testing.



Ushio’s laser diode collection offers wavelengths across UV (375–405 nm), red (630–690 nm), and NIR (705–852 nm), with prospective optical output powers from 5 mW to 3,500 mW. Our LD collection has low and high power lasers, with low-operating currents, long lifespans, and efficiency, all while remaining 100% RoHS-compliant.

Ushio’s Epitex division has grown into the largest collection of light emitting diodes on the market. Covering all violet, visible, and infrared wavelengths, from 365 nanometres (nm) to 1,750 nm, this vast catalogue creates a one-stop-shop for single and multi-wavelength LEDs.

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